Let the Ink Empower You.

 Tailored Support for PMU Artists, Bridging Skill Gaps and Business Success.

Discover the art of Permanent Makeup (PMU) with personalized guidance at every step of your journey. We empower artists at various stages of their PMU career, helping them bridge the common gaps most beginner artists face, that deter them from becoming successful PMU artists and business owners.

Success is a unique path for everyone, and we acknowledge the challenges it entails. Our courses are not shortcuts, nor are they the cheapest option; however, we assure you, they offer an unparalleled value for your investment.

If you're in search of an extensive, in-depth program to evolve into a versatile artist with a strong business acumen, you've come to the right place.

Are you...

  • An aspiring PMU artist seeking a more comprehensive and structured approach beyond a mere 2-3 day crash course?
  • Feeling disappointed after investing time and money into multiple PMU trainings that rushed the process?
  • Not feeling confident because you don’t have the continued guidance to know where you need to improve your skills? 
  • Struggling as a business owner due to the lack of a concrete plan, often feeling like you're just 'winging it'?
  • Constantly comparing your journey with that of other artists, wondering what steps you might be missing?

If any of these resonate with you, you're not alone. Our tailored programs cater to new and aspiring PMU artists who recognize the value of a more comprehensive learning experience. 

Is this you?


Whether you've taken a crash course in permanent makeup and crave more time to build confidence or you aspire to deepen your artistry and knowledge to effectively communicate with your clients and elevate your professionalism, our programs provide the platform you need. It's about progressing with a clear plan and gaining the confidence you seek without the fear of stepping backward.

 You DON'T have to feel rushed through the process.

You CAN redeem yourself from a bad PMU training.

You DON'T have to chance getting it wrong when you invest into a program that dedicates its time to help you get it right! 

Our 90 day Empower Ink Coaching Program is designed to empower new permanent makeup artists with the skills, knowledge, and business acumen needed to excel in the industry. With a focus on mastering the artistry of Ombre Brows, Lip Blush and Lip Neutralization, along with avenues of Tattoo Removal, this program goes beyond technical proficiency to help artists cultivate their unique style and brand identity. 
Think of it as a mix of classes and real-life experience! You'll get weekly check-ins, access to our exclusive community, hands-on training, live models, free booth rentals, a starter kit to support your first 10-15 clients and loads more - all packed into 90 days! We guide you step-by-step to make sure you're confident and can create stunning, natural-looking results for your clients. And hey, we even throw in an option to learn how to remove pigment from the skin with our saline tattoo removal package! The best part - as soon as you join, you get access to get started right away! We don’t want you to miss a beat. 

Together, we’re going to accomplish more in 90 days than what most artists achieve in a year (or more). We’re going to take a steady, yet consistent approach to do this; and tell you EXACTLY what to do and teach you how to think in order to grow your PMU Business 

90 Day EmpowerINK Coaching Program

Our virtual hybrid Business Infusion program is all about shifting from your mentality from a side-hustle mode to running your PMU business like a true pro!

Most quick PMU courses miss out on the nitty-gritty of running a business but we got your back! Our program will help you set clear goals, craft strategies for your business's early years, and make it all easier with ready-to-use frameworks, scripts, and templates. It's like a shortcut to being a successful business owner! The best part - as soon as you join, you get access to get started right away! We don’t want you to miss a beat!

Our Business Infusion segment can be selected independently or merged with our 90 day Empower-Ink Program!. Either way, it's the confidence boost you need to ace the business side of things.

Find a time on our schedule that aligns with yours to get started with your virtual application

Business Infusion

Unlock Your Potential with Our 2-Day Advanced Private Training

Join our exclusive 2-day advanced private training; meticulously designed for artists who have completed at least a 3-day or longer PMU training. If you've undergone more than 2 prior trainings, yet still find yourself lacking confidence or missing key pieces in your learning, this opportunity is tailor-made for you. Our advanced training aims to evaluate your skill set; paving the way for potential enrollment in our Mentorship program, to further enhance your expertise.

Over these two intensive days, we delve into a comprehensive assessment of your skills. The first day is dedicated to hands-on practice and thorough evaluation under expert guidance. The following day is an opportunity to put your skills into action on a live model. We equip you with a curated kit, and provide exclusive access to our supportive PMU community; nurturing your growth throughout your journey.

2-Day Advanced Training Evaluation

Running a permanent makeup business is undoubtedly thrilling and full of excitement, but it can also be overwhelming and present its own set of challenges. One of the toughest aspects is navigating this industry without proper guidance and coaching to steer you in the right direction.

That's where our guidance calls come in, aiming to encompass all facets of your business journey. We're here to help you find clarity, stimulate the direction you want to grow into by helping you create a personalized roadmap for your success. For those seeking knowledge, support, and guidance from a seasoned expert who has been through it all, our Master Artist is here for you. We'll set up a series of meetings to truly understand you, your goals, and assist you in gaining a clear vision for your business.

Starting with an introductory guidance call session at $175, we'll work with you to structure continued guidance calls, tailored into packages that cater to your specific needs. Whether it's on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, we're committed to supporting each artist we collaborate with on their unique journey.

Guided Mentorship Calls

Building a robust portfolio is a critical step in launching your business. For our students who may not be ready to establish their own business location but seek a professional environment to serve their clients, we've simplified this process. We offer booth rentals exclusively to both new and existing students. This option allows them to book professional spaces as needed, aiding in the growth of their portfolio and business prospects.

Booth Rentals & Mentorship Days

Embarking on your PMU journey is a transformative experience, and having a community of fellow artists by your side can significantly enhance this adventure. While the path can sometimes feel solitary, you need not travel it alone. Immerse yourself in an engaged and supportive community that understands your journey and is eager to uplift and nurture your growth every step of the way.

Exclusive Access to Our Private PMU Community


It was a pleasure working with Deyonne on my permanent makeup business! I can tell she is someone that truly cares about the success of other fellow artists/trainers and the whole industry. She has so many ideas, and she helped me gain more insight of the direction I wanted to go in with my business. Anytime I have questions, she is loaded with different perspectives. It really helps to have someone in the industry help navigate your thoughts because being in business can feel lonely at times. If you're looking for someone to guide you in business or just bring insight, Deyonne is someone you can trust to help. I'm thankful that I won't have to figure things out by myself anymore!

The energy here is amazing. You really feel at home when you're here - like family. I took away more than just learning a skill - I took away new life perspectives. You would honestly need to take the class to really understand where I'm coming from. It's so deep - I can't even really put it into words because it's more than that, it's a feeling. She gives you more than what the class offers. You can't get that from everywhere. She's very easy to talk to, she's very passionate about her craft and it exudes through her teaching. You really become a better version of yourself here. Don't wait any longer to book with her.

I've been to several trainings.They did help here and there but this one was more hands on, 1-1 and I feel like I actually got to do everything - I finally got it! It means alot because after a whole year of going through different trainings and trying different things, I have finally been able to better understand with this training. It's the improvements that I've noticed in this training more than any of the other.

Deyonne is very welcoming and made my training super fun! I cannot emphasise how much I enjoyed having taken this course with her. I would have never in a million years that it been this smooth and easy as a beginner. I am definitely going to stay in touch for the future to take more mentorship and classes - anything that I can use and work with you to further my career.


Hi there, my name is Deyonne!

In the starting stages of my career, I lacked the knowledge I possess today. I invested a hefty $20,000 into learning three services for my business, yet I lacked essential business support. Finding a mentor or guide willing to take me under their wing proved to be a challenging task. Consequently, I found myself 'winging it' in those early days. However, there was a unique advantage in my corner - leveraging over a decade of experience as an Executive Assistant.

Drawing on my skills and insights honed over 10+ years, I not only managed to navigate but thrive in the realm of business. I cycled through the trials and tribulations, ultimately building, scaling, and sustaining a 6-figure business for three consecutive years, entirely on my own. The journey was undoubtedly arduous, but it's a testament to the resilience within us.

I firmly believe in your capability to achieve the same. I don't want you to face the struggles I did, especially when I can extend a helping hand. You have what it takes, and I'm here to guide you towards a smoother, more successful path.

Please schedule a call to submit your application for review and we will be in touch with you soon!

We would love to see if you’d be a good fit for one of our educational opportunities!