Paramedical Tattoo Prep and Healing

While permanent makeup and paramedical tattooing are both tattooing treatments, they do differ. 

Permanent makeup is primarily focused on enhancing facial features with a makeup-like effect, while paramedical tattooing is aimed at addressing medical or trauma-related concerns, such as scars, stretch marks, or areola reconstruction after surgeries. 

Please refer back to the general guidelines on the permanent makeup prep as it should be followed similarly for the paramedical tattooing service.

Please also pay attention to the additional information for the paramedical tattooing services we offer for; Scar/Stretch Mark Camouflage and Scalp Micropigmentation.

Stretch Mark Camouflage 

  • Prepping for your appointment
    - No tanning 4 weeks prior
    - Wear loose fitting clothing depending on the service your getting done
    - Be prepared to stay awhile - some services can take a 3 + hours to complete depending on the size of the area so eat something before you come! We have snacks though.

Stretch Mark/Scar After Care 

Stretch mark/scar camouflage can take 30-90+ days to heal so it is very important to understand that you'll see your scars go through a variety of phases and color transitions before you see the healed result. Please also know that since every scar is different, some phases of healing may look/feel more drastic than others.

  • Day 1 
    - You will not see any noticeable results until your skin is healed - especially on the first day as your skin can look red, irritated and inflamed. This look can continue to progress through the first 1-2 weeks of healing. Everyone is different.
    - We will ice your treatment area directly after the session but please continue to ice the area 3x a day for 10 minutes for the first 1-3 days.
    - Do not shower the night of the treatment and do not sunbath, spray tan or place direct sun exposure on the treated area for 40 days.

  • First few weeks of healing:
    - We will provide you with Oils to use the first few days post the appointment however, you can use aquaphor and vitamin e oil on the treated area 3x/day for the first 2 weeks.
    - Do not work out or create excessive sweating for 7 days post treatment
    - No salt water, exfoliation or waxing on the treated area for 14 days
    - Scabbing will occur within the first couple of weeks - allow it to flake off by itself, do not force, scrub or rub the crust that forms as you can cause increased scarring and hyper/hypopigmentation
  • Progressed Healing:
    If you have the inked tattooing method - please avoid lasers or removals of any kind on the treated area due to titanium dioxide
    - The first 40 days of the healing period your stretch mark/scar will look dark - don't panic
    - After the first 30-40 days of healing, use sunblock on the tattooed procedure area to protect it from fading
    - Avoid sun beds long term

Scalp Micropigmentation

  • Preparation
    Generally, sessions can take between 4 - 6 + hours to complete depending on the size of the area. 2-4 sessions are needed to achieve results. Treatments must be scheduled a few weeks apart.
    - Clients should take a shower before treatments and you won’t be able to wet your hair so the first few days post treatment.
    - For individuals with low haircuts - it’s advised to make sure to, trim/shave before the first session. 

  • Healing 
    The area of the scalp that has been treated will have some redness for 24 hours after treatment, though this tends to be less visible on darker skin tones.
    - The pigmentation will be darker for up to 7 days after treatment, again, depending on your skin tone.
    - Pigment deposits will form scabs through the first week. Avoid removing these by yourself and just allow them to naturally fall off and heal. Thereafter, the pigmentation will appear to become lighter and softer as the pigment filled scabs begin to flake away. These scabs flake away in the first 3 to 10 days. As this happens, it appears to the observer that the SMP dots are shrinking.
    - In-between treatments, avoid having hot showers and going to saunas. Wear a hat to avoid sun exposure especially in the first four days.
    - If you need to go outdoors, wear protective gear such as a cap and use sunscreen.
    - After your final treatment, avoid heavy exercise and excessive sun exposure. Although SMP is permanent, these can cause pigments to fade faster. When the healing process is complete, the final dots are often blend seamlessly into any natural hair. By about one month, after any treatment, the pigments will begin to “set” and thereafter, fading will be almost zero.
    - With proper care and treatment, including using high sunscreen when outside, SMP will commonly last for many years. For a healthy client with a normal immune system, we expect that the color will last with original vibrance for about 4-6 years, with gradual fading of the pigment to last up to 8 years.