Too Busy To Maintain an Effortless Look?

Our services are the best kept secret for the busy business professional seeking one less thing to worry about. 

We recognize the demands that come with a fast-paced life. You’re conquering your days but the rush of it all is dimming your light. We designed our studio to be a sanctuary; where you can shed the weight of the constant 'doing' and embrace the beauty of 'becoming.' Our secret? 

Discover the freedom to celebrate your unique essence, while we take care of the details.


Imagine waking up each day, looking flawlessly put together; with a no-fuss beauty routine that assures you stay looking and feeling ready 24/7 - no matter how packed your schedule gets.  You aren’t dreaming - this could become your waking reality and we’re here to do it all for you.

Think less about the process, and more about the transformation.

The transformative power of permanent makeup. 

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Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is one of the most effective, leading hair loss treatments today. It is a permanent solution that mimics the appearance of hair follicles without hair transplant or any surgical restoration or other invasive procedures. The treatment is effective and drug free, with no maintenance and immediate results. Whether you want to fill in a scar, a thinning area in your body or have alopecia, SMP will enhance your look tremendously. You will instantly look 10 years younger!

Scalp Micropigmentation


Scar/Stretch Camouflage is a non-invasive paramedical tattooing method; that uses skin-toned ink pigments to disguise and conceal the appearance of stretch marks and/or scars by filling the areas that are missing color.This treatment does not permanently remove scars/stretch marks, but it does allow us to minimize the appearance of the scar to look like it blend in with your skin naturally.

Scar/Stretch Mark Camouflage

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Our lip tattooing services like Lip Blushing and Lip Neutralization allow us to add a pop of color to your lips. Our Lip Neutralization service specifically allows us to adjust the value and temperature of darker pigmented lips to appear bright and more even in tone.

Lip Tattooing

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Ombre Brows (Also referred to as Microshading and Powder Brows) is a cosmetic tattooing technique designed to enhance eyebrows, creating a fuller, airbrushed appearance by implanting pigment into the skin. Unlike microblading, which mimics individual hair strokes, Ombre Brows involve a filling-in approach, resembling the effect of daily makeup on the brows.

Ombre Brows (microshading)


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The Passionate Artist 

Hey Sis, thanks for stopping by! 

My name is Deyonne, the visionary founder of Huemon Beauty. My journey into the Permanent Makeup industry began, unexpectedly, six years ago. Although my heart always resonated with design, after completing my Associates Degree in Fashion Design, I felt it was safest to pursue a decade-long career as an Executive Assistant.

In those years of assisting top CEOs, I discovered joy in crafting efficient workflows and tailored processes. This unexpected passion for effective systems eventually fueled my desire to blend my love for design with sustainability—a dream I'm immensely grateful the universe guided me towards.

Now, as a 12X Certified Master Permanent Makeup Artist, Educator and Coach, at Huemon Beauty I've realized my dreams have come true! Huemon Beauty was born with a mission close to my heart: helping others express their unique beauty through the art of cosmetic tattooing.

My approach to cosmetic tattooing is deeply rooted in maintaining the highest quality standards and safety protocols. I'm committed to preserving skin integrity and delivering beautifully healed, natural looking results. Huemon Beauty is more than just a studio; it's a space where we translate your individual truth of beauty onto the canvas of your skin.

Welcome to Huemon Beauty, where your journey to embrace your unique beauty story begins, one stroke at a time.

Let the ink EMPOWER You

Huemon Beauty takes immense pride in offering one of the most extensive training programs in the DMV area. We have cultivated an environment that empowers our students to delve into the world of cosmetic tattooing in a safe and unique manner. We approach education with flexibility, meeting students at any point in their journey; aiming to bridge the gaps that the industry poses upon entry and during training exploration.

Our teaching methodology is designed to mentor and guide students, emphasizing the fundamental principles of artistry. These principles enable them to prioritize skin integrity, achieve optimal long-term results, and construct a purposeful business structure aligned with our core mission—serving our community to embrace their best versions. We're not just educators; we're partners in nurturing talent and fostering a stronger, more skilled industry.

Our Programs include 

  1. 90 Day Artistry and Business Coaching 
  2. 6-10 Day in person hands on training alongside;
  3. Weekly Hybrid 1-1 support calls
  4. Private community access 
  5. Online Classrooms
  6. Multiple live models and booth rentals to grow your portfolio
  7. Luxury starter kit to support your first 10-15 clients


Deyonne changed my life with my brows!! She is so amazing my brows look SO Good!! This was an amazing experience.. words can’t express how happy I am with my eyebrows. Thank you Deyonne!!!! Very sweet and professional!!!

I view a lot of eyebrows that look unnatural, so I was very hesitant about getting my own brows done until I came across the Huemon Beauty IG page. I made my appt for ombre brow. The consultation put me at ease and I am so glad I got it done. Not a day goes by that I don't get compliments. They look natural and easy to maintain. I highly recommend Huemon Beauty.

Deyonne did a great job! She made me feel very comfortable with the process and talked me through what she was doing. After having a botched job performed two years ago, I was hesitant about the procedure! I am leaving a very happy customer and I would recommend her to anyone that asks!

Run, don't walk!!! I am so glad I was able to get this done. My eyebrows have always been thin and lighter…. I would give my service 10 stars if allowed. Here is the most recent picture. I need to clean them up (with an eyebrow razor ) . They are completely healed. No scaring at all.

I highly recommend Huemon Beauty. I had a great experience and Deyonne was very professional. I love my results and will become a repeat customer. She took her time with my service and left me with very natural results. I hope that anyone who is questioning whether or not to try Huemon Beauty is convinced by my review. Deyonne will leave you looking amazing! I get a lot of compliments on my service and recommend her to anyone who asks. If you’re looking for a good permanent makeup artist then look no further!

She really is a great teacher! She is confident. Kind. Never once irritated. Patient, and she has confidence in her students and that's the ONLY reason I let a first timer touch me with anything permanent lol to think of us and get us food... To take the make sure it was done right. Just all the things everyone wishes every teacher had, she has!

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