Understanding Tattoos and Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup (PMU) has gained immense popularity over the years, offering a range of cosmetic tattooing enhancements such as Microblading, Microshading, Nano blading, Micropigmentation, 3D Brows, feathering, lip blush, and lip neutralization etc. Like traditional tattoos, these services involve placing pigment particles under the skin using specialized hand tools and machine tools to enhance specific areas. While both traditional tattoos and cosmetic tattooing can last a lifetime, most cosmetic tattoo pigments fade to some extent over time.

Challenges with Existing Permanent Makeup (PMU)

Surprisingly, nearly 45% of our clientele already have existing Permanent Makeup (PMU). Unfortunately, many are dissatisfied with their results for various reasons:

  • Misinformation regarding pigment longevity in the skin.
  • Immediate dissatisfaction with bold colors or disproportionate shapes.
  • Unwanted color shifts due to incorrect color theory application or changes in skincare routines, health conditions, lifestyle etc.
  • Excessive trauma resulting from multiple procedures.

And the list goes on. 

Educating Clients on Permanent Makeup (PMU)

It’s crucial to understand that PMU is a form of tattooing. In 2018, the FDA classified PMU pigments as tattooing, emphasizing its indefinite potential in the skin. While these pigments are designed to fade slightly over time, they rarely vanish completely from the skin. It’s essential to realize that this market is unregulated, with many artists having limited training, making it vital to carefully choose a qualified professional.

Reworking Previous Work Requires Expertise and Qualifications

Fixing poorly done PMU demands expertise and qualifications. Reputable artists will typically charge a set fee for reworking any existing PMU. Opting for cheaper services often leads to corrective or removal procedures, eventually costing more.

Can We Work Over Existing Pigments?

It’s a complex question with no universal answer. Depending on the case, we may be able to work over existing pigment effectively or recommend a removal plan before starting the desired treatment. A Lot of times, what we see is the need to remove existing eyebrow work for microblading services that need removal/lightening sessions before we can convert them into microshading, ombre powder brows.. You can read more about why we no longer offer microblading services here to understand why (Link to my blog on why i no longer off microblading) However, no matter the tattoo, evaluation prior to booking is essential.

Your Next Steps

If you have pre-existing tattoos and wish to book an appointment, the tattooing process will be tailored to your situation. Pre-existing tattoos need evaluation before we determine the best course of action. Pricing and plans will vary accordingly. In some cases, starting with a lightning or removal session might be recommended.

How Can We Assist You

To evaluate your case, please provide clear, well-lit photos without makeup or filters. Include one straight-on view and two side views of the tattoo. Using these images, we’ll assess the pigment’s placement, health, and aging to make an informed recommendation.