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Become Model for a Student in Training. This is a perfect opportunity to get your eyebrow done right, and on a budget! Students at Huemon Beauty are placed through a series of trainings to build and strengthen their portfolios. It is the final requirement needed for students to graduate our program. Models are needed for […]

Why we no longer offer Microblading services The above images are not workof Human Beauty. The source of this image is from PMU Hub. Once hailed for its captivating artistry, microblading, a manual technique where an artist cuts the skin to mimic natural hair strokes, has faced scrutiny as we witness how these strokes age […]

Understanding Saline Tattoo Removal: A Natural Approach The tattoo removal market is expanding, offering various methods to eliminate unwanted ink from the skin. At Huemon Beauty, we provide a compelling option: Saline Tattoo Removal. In comparison to laser treatments, saline tattoo removal is a more natural and gentle alternative. This technique employs an approved saline […]

Understanding Tattoos and Permanent Makeup Permanent Makeup (PMU) has gained immense popularity over the years, offering a range of cosmetic tattooing enhancements such as Microblading, Microshading, Nano blading, Micropigmentation, 3D Brows, feathering, lip blush, and lip neutralization etc. Like traditional tattoos, these services involve placing pigment particles under the skin using specialized hand tools and […]

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